Tech-Support Blue Screen Error Scam In United States

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United States a very rich and powerfull country in world. But usa facing a very big problems a tech-support scams are increasing day by day in usa.If any body facing blue-screen error problem dont call to screen number.I will suggest you if you don’t know much more knowledge about computer call to local technician.Many local tech-guys are available on or yelp,city-guide and many other local service provider.i will suggest you a local tech-guys provider in full usa call to – 888-848-9283

Desktop-If you have knowledge about computer then open your task manager & end of the your browser thread & then after press windows+R key you see a box on left hand side of your screen then type temp and hit enter.A new temp file window open delete all files & then after open your chrome browser and clear all history.

Tablet- If your tablet blocked by blue screen error.Do one thing open your tablet setting-safari-clear history and browsing data then press ok.

now your problem can use it your tablet again.



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