Apple TV App to Bring Space Exploration to Big Screen| Nasa

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The U.S.A. house agency has free its standard independent agency app for a replacement platform – the fourth-generation Apple TV – which will offer you access to independent agency TV on your TV furthermore live views from the International orbiter (ISS).

This version joins the app’s different versions obtainable for iOS in iPhone and iPad versions, mechanical man and hearth OS.

The independent agency app, obtainable for complimentary within the App Store on Apple TV, has been downloaded quite seventeen million times across all platforms.

“The independent agency app has been an incredible means for the general public to expertise the joy of house exploration from their mobile devices,” aforementioned David Weaver, independent agency associate administrator for Communications.

“Now, users with the most recent Apple TV will explore and luxuriate in our exceptional pictures, videos, mission info, independent agency tv.

The independent agency app for Apple TV offers many options for users.

You can watch live streaming independent agency TV and acquire a period read of the world from the orbiter.

The users will read quite fifteen,000 pictures severally or as never-ending slideshow and play “on demand” independent agency videos.

They can read different independent agency satellites pass overhead, supported their location and see the most recent independent agency mission info.

“The users will hear Nasa’s on-line station.


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